Uploading large files?

Hey everyone, wondering if anyone has had issues with uploading large zip files to the Organelle’s web server. I uploaded one that was over a gig and it disappeared after the progress bar completed. Do you think it’s still on the SD and if so is there a way for me to remove it without having to reformat the card? I know I’ll probably be fine with the amount of space that’s on there but just want to remove redundancies if possible. Thanks!

I doubt it uploaded…

the best way to check is to either
a) connect Organelle to HDMI and a keyboard, and you can then use the desktop tools to look for it that way … this is described, in the manual about how to program PD patches on the Organelle.
b) use SSH to log into organelle, and look for it on the sdcard

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thank you technobear!

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