Fixed speed sampler

Hi everyone, i’d like to build (or find one if there’s already) a fixed speed sampler patch. I know it could be CPU expensive, will the organelle handle it?

Hi there @FunkyTurkey .
It’s not what you are asking for, but Phase Vocoder patch the first know is dedicated to speed sampler and in the middle position the speed is fixed. Maybe you can use that functionality for your patch.
Phase Vocoder.

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I wrotte “first know” it’s first knob!

what do you mean fixed speed? You mean with a phasor to control the playback?
I suggest you use xsample

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posted link in another thread btw

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Hi guys thanks for the replies. @anttumad I’ll try the phase vocoder patch :wink: @shreeswifty I mean after recording a sample playing it at different pitches / octaves without the classic time stretch that follows the pitch. I’m using iZotope Iris as reference, it has both time / pitch and fixed speed mode. I’ll try also xsample patch!

sorry i misunderstood, yes you want a phase locking vocoder