Sampling groovebox

Hi, Basically I am looking for a sampler patch that you can record a sample to each key and then change the speed, beginning and end of the sample (looking at the waveform would be amazing) and then record a live looping sequence (with a midi controller). basically I want to use it like how you would a drum sampler (literally all I want is to replicate the volca sample with the ability to record quickly instead of transferring samples). obviously the organelle CAN do things like this, however due to the experimental nature of when C&G record patch demos its hard to quickly determine which patch is for my needs. the ones that I have looked at before:

samplenest: doesn’t seem to be working on the latest firm with Organelle M? the first two pages are blank and I have no idea how it works because there are no videos of it in action

Loop Jam Rec: seems to be the closest however selecting the beginning of the sample is something I really would like access to

Baby-Jockey: No documentation or demonstration, I don’t even know how it works.

Sample24: The versions I have played with has no recording function

if anyone has any patches that come to mind please let me know.

For explanation of patch functions, you can search on for explanations of Critter and Guitari’s own patches. Try searching for user patch explanations. Also try searching the patch names in the forum here.

In ref to samplenest, i think mayyyybe the first two pages are blank until you turn knob 1 on page 1 to load a sample into a sample slot. Did you read the explanation of functionality on patchstorage?

I’d recommend looking into the Orac patch and it’s various modules really if you’re looking for building your own groovebox-type sampler.

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ah yep, samplenest is what I needed, turns out it doesn’t take samples from where I thought it did and I ended up recording a sample which let knob 1 change and the screens were no longer black.

as for orac I’ve looked into it and its too menu-divey for my tastes, I have other devices, its just I needed a sampler and didn’t really want to drop money on one while my organelle was collecting dust.


I made something called s3rquencer… At the moment, up to 14 channels of mono samplers without much problem even with the ability to insert Fx / send Fx and apply sequencing tricks to every channel. I’m planning to add a 24 slot sampler a bit like the opz/ op-1 does so it would be possible to have a full kit in one single channel.
Here more infos:
Many things have improved since I recorded that videos so I recommend you also to check out the s3rquencer thread in case you might be interested … Multichannel sequencer / modular environment