FluidSynth~ ARP2600 Alpha testing

This is the first release of the ARP 2600 FluidSynth~ patch for Critter & Guitari Organelle.
It is an initial Alpha so it is not released on patchstorage quite yet, there are a few generators that might not be useful.

The menus are pretty self explanatory but for tweaking and for the final release i have added a sequencer. I am going to confer with owen regarding some LEDs so we know what is going on but i wanted to get this out there today for some weekend fun.

To set the sequencer press the AUX button; then play as many notes as you like.
Then press it once again to confirm the notes [this will be for retrograde/inversions and other serialistic functions later] then press it again to start the sequence.

While a sequence is playing its much more fun to tweak the synth.

The Preset function is currently on the last page 'misc": this will change
What cannot change is the name of the folder, if you change it the hard-coded soundfont will not work. This is a limitation of the development of the Fluidsynth external for pd. Using the SAVE function of the new OS is your friend

here we go!


You need to do the Install FluidSynth~ install that oweno made but this should be working. I wish some folks would give it a go, i tihnk it sounds good but i am biased of of course. I am going to make a Roland Sound Canvas one today.

this doesn’t need to be the case, change your init message to
init /tmp/patch/2600.sf2

(your already bound to version 2 anyway, so there no backwards compatibility issue)

generally we should avoid hardcoding paths (they prevent me from using patches :wink: )

also I think your note-off handling has an issue, as sounds are not tailing off correctly
if I put a print after your makenote, I can see it never sends a note off to fluid synth

its a nice sound synth :slight_smile:

notes… ok the issues stems from here… (this code is duplicated, so possibly needs changing in both places)

the issue is stripnote removes the note-off… (I’m not quite sure why you have makenote, as that’s not being used)
its a simple fix, just :

 [r notes]->(note 1 $1 $2)->[s $0-iiwu]

I’m not sure what your other code is doing (not looked at it closely), so I don’t know if the stripnote code is needed or not, similarly ive not looked at the sequencer code, which is doing something similar, and probably also needs changing in some similar way.

but as least the above fix works for me for the main use case of playing from the keyboard :slight_smile:

That code was for testing the MIDI in, it is un-needed at this point, yes.
Init was not working initially from version to version so if it consistently works i can remove that warning too, thanks.

[r notes]->(note 1 $1 $2)->[s $0-iiwu]

receives notes and the [note 1 $1 $2 etc… is specific fluidsynth note messages
I put a stripnote because i wanted notes to replicate notes with out a VCA so the generators can do their job.

If connected to a midi controller you can record sequences which will be explained in the next version. In it’s simplest state the notes did not turn off at all so i tried several versions/setups to get it to behave when midi is connected and with r-notes as well.

Thanks for all your suggestions and observations regarding the code, i appreciate your input.

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it sounds brilliant! but, yes, i found the note length problem too. the higher notes ring out for a long long time, the lower ones are probably how they are supposed to cut off.

i found if you change presets sometimes they will ring our and that is just a limitation of fluidsynth~ because that preset is still running and i have moved to another preset The note off handling is handled in the generators they are very sensitive, explore more they will work properly guys, i promise :slight_smile:

Maybe i can send a zero all to all the parameters when we switch presets, that might solve the issue completely

I just opened it up again
I recall now why the stripnote is there.

If you play a note with the Organelle wooden keys and you are trying to populate a list in for the sequencer the keys were also giving me another value when i released my finger so i would get doubles 60 60 instead of 60, etc… it’s not elegant but it works so the lists populate without double values


using the sequencer is fun. a tempo control would make it perfect!

You are right shree, you can get fantastic sounds out of this with some knob twiddling. Only issue for me is, it’s too much twiddling! I can’t recall presets and the patch save/save new function doesn’t seem to be working for me :frowning: Also having the issue with higher notes ringing on for a long time. Almost sounds like midi feedback. …having said this - I got a HUGE wash of rich synth sounds from this earlier and basked in the sounds a while so nice one :sunglasses:

i have some refinements to make and i’ll double check the ringing
the key with this one is this

USE The Menu feature to SAVE when you get into a spot and then you wont have to start over. There are a TON of generators but it’s the same amount of sliders/buttons as on an ARP 2600 :slight_smile:

I started saving and then returning and it’s much more gratifying

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that’s it, for some reason the save function wasn’t working for me :frowning: weird.