Foot pedal input for clicktrack

is it possible to use the foot pedal input as a sync click track from say, a volca or a SQ-1?

Have you seen another device that can do a this?

I don’t know anything about audio devices. I’m very new to all this.

On the other hand, it’s hardware and linux. The input is described in the manual as “will deliver on/off messages” so in my mind, the 1/4 jack is just an input that can take a electical high/low signal and could be sourced to do some PPS depending on where it’s connected on the PCB. There is a kernel PPS module that could take the pulse and be used to discipline a clock, and perhaps there is a PPS to Midi clock bridge somewhere? (edit: Google seems to say no)

It’s probably not the case, as your answer suggests. Maybe the jack is connected some audio codec/hardware and can’t be used in this way (and someone would have probably done it already)

i understand what your saying, but i think its a bit too ‘high level’… the devil is in the detail.

also, the FS is not connected to the ARM , its connected to the STM controller, and the data is passed over a serial line to the mother host. and you cannot change the Organelle Controller software easily (well without using a programmer and opening the organelle up, and even then … )

so whilst is may theoretically be possible, I think its far from easy.
(and certainly not anything that C&G has said is possible or supported so you’d be on your own0

anyway, its not something I have a use for… so wont be digging into, but good luck if you do…
(just dont damage your Organelle, it wont be covered by warranty ;))

I wish I had one. Perhaps in the new year … :slight_smile: