Fugue State

Hi Everyone,

I’ve been thinking about the Fugue Machines iOS app lately and wondering what it might inspire in a version on the Organelle. As a new user and a beginner PD student, this is probably biting off more than I can chew, so I figured I’d make a post and see what everyone thinks.

The basic concept is to make a single sequence, and sync four playheads playing that same sequence back. Each playhead presents a variation: in [pitch], [direction] (forward/reverse), [speed] (1/2, 1/4, etc.), and perhaps some kind of scrambled/random note order (let’s call it [note order]).

I thought the 4 knobs might each control one of the variation parameters. I’m not sure if it would be a multipage, with one page per sequence iteration, or if we could jam it all into one page, with each knob controlling a playhead assigned to that variation parameter (maybe starting the seq upon first ‘twist’).

I think to keep things simple, the notes themselves would be a monosynth. But hell, what do I know.

I guess what I’m asking is the following:

Has this been done before (or something like it)?

If not, what existing patches might represent a good starting point?

Anyone feel like running with this? (ha)

Thanks for the feedback all!

Hmmmm, great idea - Fugue Machine is a genius app! Don’t actually think it would be that difficult to patch up but I may be wrong (almost noob alert!).

I may have a crack at it, but to warn you, it may take me a long time!

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That sounds cool! I think you could do something similar to this with the ‘punchy’ sequencer as a starting point .

With punchy, you press aux, play a sequence, then press aux to stop. Then you play the keys, which play the sequence transposes by the key your playing.

You’d need to add the ability to modify the speed and direction etc. You could maybe have the different keys map to different speeds / directions instead of pitches.

I made a variant of puncyy that lets you play more than one key at time that you could take a look at:
PunchyPoly.zip (12.0 KB)

I just tried modifying it so the keys are mapped to different set speeds (1/3,1/2,1, 2x) and note offsets (-12,-5,0,5,7,12) and it seems to work:
PunchyPolyTempo.zip (12.5 KB)
You could modify it play backwards pretty easily I think.


God I love Pd / the Organelle! :smiley: Great work @WyrdAl. Fugue Machine also lets you transpose each sequence so probably best to leave this for the keys with speed and direction mapped to the knobs somehow. Going to look at this tonight.

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I get a fail message when trying to install the polytempopatch (OS 3.0), might have to load it to the USB the old way? Just a heads up. Thanks for all the awesome patches you’ve made!

Thanks for running with this @ghostly606 and @WyrdAl! Can’t wait to dive into this later.

Knobs do seem well suited to those variation parameters but it’s nice to have the punchy model too.

i’m working on a custom patch that does something very similar
This has been my first week back at work after a break so i have literally been up to my ears in meetings for over a week. I’ll let the person who commissioned the patch decide if they want to release it to you.

BTW, Alexandernaut was my student when i was teaching at UF and he wrote arpeggionome in my pd class