Looking for a name for a set of patches that were designed NOT to sound like everything else, not to emulate a monosynth or a pedal you can buy. Something that you will not immediately know what to do with. something that you can add or experiment with that will yield discovery. You will be okay if you don’t know how to use it at first.

After finishing the drum machine the other day i was like GOD thats a complete fucking bore. I mean i like what it does and figuring out how to address parts of it is a challenge, but is there much left to be discovered with another drum machine? Another guitar pedal? I am not saying i have the answers but Pure Data for me has always meant doing things other things cannot or creating a bridge between “This” and “That” So i tried to NOT think and just randomly associate which sometimes is really good and lets you make connections without too much weight and once in a while that is liberating and sometimes that is just another technique

So with that as a pre-amble i am offering “turn blue” for lack of a better name, maybe someone can suggest one

It needs you to connect a midi controller for Notes or an arpeggio which sounds best, but you can play it with the organelle keys as well

There is a filter and an oscillator a modulator and an lfo. The pd parameters are hints to exciting territories i think Attacl/Release will bring you onto new plateaus hopefully.

When you have sculpted something you like, then engage the AUX button, on any page and it should turn blue.

This is a thread only BETA for the courageous.
It’s completely vanilla.

Before posting what little thing you found that does not behave as expected try to focus on the sound it makes and if it’s something you can incorporate or might make you think about using. If it does not resonate for you-- discard it, it’s digital and and experiment.

suggested titles so far

1.) crap-E [instead of Wal-e]
2.) Gentle Fire
3.) Supplemental Hardware Guide


Lol I can’t wait to try this one later today.

great idea for a patch

stay fresh

really spACEy!


I am glad people are exploring this one. i am trying to make some with Vanilla only so we don’t have to fuss with externals not loading or no sound issues and just hopefully trying to arrive at some new synth methods