Qunexus orac midi learn


Any tips on getting this to work (specifically getting midi learn to map aftertouch, bend, etc to a specific parameter of a specific module)? I tried following the instructions from the original orac 1.0 post and fear I’m missing something that needs to be done on the qunexus side…

@sakul @nattyb @BioEcoEvology @atomboyd (because I’ve seen you mention the qunexus elsewhere)



currently midi learn in orac is for midi cc only


thank you :smiley: got it working - this ^ helped!


@TheDeadFarmer I HAVE had a little weirdness on nonOrac patches with the qunexus of late. Any trouble for you? I shrugged it off the other night and just switched to my op1 that worked fine and haven’t really tried to trouble shoot it.


Mine seems to work with no problems. Once I went into the Qunexus editor and made a preset to send CC from the pressure sensitivity I was able to make it work w midi learn and orac. It’s actually pretty cool I have it set to open up the filter in one chain and it will trigger this if I’m playing, say, percussive notes on a synth module of another chain. Lots of possibilities. On regular patches seems to work well - could you give some details of the “weirdness”?