Getting Randy / Squares - sequencers w/ random

Random note generator. Well kind of. You pick some notes and their priority and the Organelle will randomly play them for you (and send out of Midi Out) to a number of pattern ideas e.g. chance of no note being played using aux, euclidean patterns and weird different notes per bar thing. Oh, and Last 10 keeps buffer of notes to go back to.

Video is a tester that things work. Nearly passed so will probably upload in next few days or so!


Very nice, excited to try it out!

Oh, lovely!

Happy to fix things or take suggestions if anyone uses it. Kind of working for what I want at the moment… random notes in a scale / chord of my choice with possibility of breaking up rhythm a bit via a few options.


I really fancy it.

Can you pick which notes will be the material for the patch to work on?
e.g. having a pentatonic scale, or a chromatic one (12 semitones in a row)

Yep. Set up to use any note on the Organelle keyboard you press. And a note, e.g root of scale can be made 2 or 3 times more likely to play.

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Continuing the use of Organelle as a sequencer is Squares.

Randy had his uses but I much prefer this approach.

Now on Patchstorage.


Updated Squares so you can save the state of a sequence (up to 10 times) then muck it up / change it a bit and go back to where you started. Think video shows how (press aux to get to the “State” screen). Uploaded to Patchstorage.

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Squares is great!

We sent the Squares sequence to the Moog Mother-32 with a touch of delay from the Boss DD-5