Ground Noise / White Noise via MIDI & NO MIDI OUT : (


i am new owner of a Organelle : ) (one month owner, but the Organelle drives me often nuts…)

First question: White Noise when connected via Midi (Organelle is slave, only incoming midi activated, all ok but Noise…)

When i connect, for example an OP-Z, directly via USB (also tried it with an active USB-Hub) there is always a noise coming out of my speakers. If i remove the usb connection between the organelle and op-z the noise is away? Whats wrong or have i buyed an defect organelle : ((
Tried so much variations and active usb hubs, but there is always that NOIISSEEE?!

2nd Question:
Now i have tried to use the Organelle as an master device for midi-out to sequence a Mother 32 ( in between i used a Kenton Midi USB HOST for that). In the Midi Setup of my Organelle i disabled all Midi In, and enabled only the midi out and channel No 1, which is my Mother 32, the same setup fits very well with op-z and op-1) But the Mother don’t receive any midi-messages from the organelle?!

Have i buyed a defect Organelle or doing im something wrong?!
Please help, i am little bit before hating this little blue castle :wink:

(I am on the newest 3.1 OS)

Thanks very much!

Best from cologne/germany,


First issue sounds like some kind of ground loop issue. Have a search for this on the forum

Second, best thing is to somehow to try to check then midi messages being sent.
Did you select the midi device? Also check there is not a second port - again there are some posts about this.

(Sorry on phone so can’t give you more specific links etc)

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Thank you for you fast help : )

But i can’t get any midi out of the organelle : (( Nothing. Is there something wrong with my unit?!

Midi into the organelle was no problem , but only the ground noise thing : (

Aaaaaarggh, hating this, i will only make music , not this technical issues …

My guess is the midi out is on a separate port.
But I’d need to see the output from the diagnostic log to know for sure. ( see other posts)

Noise is probably avoidable by getting a common ground.

Sure, we all prefer making music to messing with tech.

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This sounds like the noise the OP-Z generates when charging via USB. Please see the ‘pro-tip’ here: OP-Z guide: hardware overview
RE: MIDI Out to your Kenton, do you see it recognized as a device in the Organelle’s Info page? Which patch are you trying to use?

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Thanks a lot! : )

I will try it later, and write back about it.

As i remember (the Midi Out Kenton Moog question) the device are not recognized by the organelle info page. And i tried a lot of different patches to check : (

Have a lucky healthy new year 2019!

Best, Alex

check using the Diagnostic Log tool (patchstorage) , this will list all midi devices ALSA can see.
(as above, it may be the midi in and midi out are recognised as separate ‘devices’)

Thank you! (2.5 KB)

Downloaded your Diagnostic Log Tool, and wrote a diag_log.txt (see above) with the written Setup connected (organelle usb > kenton midi usb host (midi out) > moog mother-32 midi in).
I have set the midi settings at organelle, but no device was recognized.
I hope the diag_log.text can help : )

What you mean with "midi in and out are recognized as separate devices? In that case, what can i do?

Thank you very much!

Have a lucky & healthy new year 2019!

Best, Alex

that log shows no usb devices other than the usb stick!

did you have the Kenton midi usb host plugged in?
if so try the other usb port…
also if the Kenton has a DC power input, make sure this is plugged in…
(perhaps that is not enough power on the organelle to drive it from usb)

which exact model of Kenton do you have?

Yes, the KENTON “Midi USB HOST MKII” is pugged in and also DC power is plugged into the kenton.

I have tried both USB Ports of the organelle, same same… No midi out will received.

Only to check, i have directly connect an OP-Z to the USB Port of the Organelle (organelle as slave) and everything is OK. The diag_log.text to this connection here > (3.1 KB)
Evtl. it helps?

Thank you : )

Best, Alex

Hi, me again ; )

The OP-Z “pro-tip” don’t work, but thats an OP-Z problem, the key-combination written in the manual to turn off usb charging don’t work. i will ask OP-Z-Forum.

MIDI OUT KENTON / MOOG MOTHER-32: The Organelle don’t recognized any device at her Info-Page. I’ve send Technobear the diagnostic log file from this combination. The patch i have used was the additive synth, wich operate via midi with other devices (OP-1, OP-Z)

Thank you!

hang on, how are you plugging the “KENTON “Midi USB HOST MKII” into the organelle… its a USB host, not a USB device as far as i can see - you would need a host to host converter for that…
you cannot just use one of these ‘dodgy’ USB A to USB A cables and expect it to work :wink:
(these are an abomination… the reason the USB standard had USB A and B connectors was to stop this confusion !)

thats why the organelle cannot see it… as a host it can only see usb devices…

what you want is a simple USB to midi din cable something like, e.g. something like the Roland UM-ONE mk2 Interface USB MIDI

the OP-Z is connected fine, and is showing up - but you already know that :slight_smile:

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Thanks a lot! :slightly_smiling_face: i will try it with that type of cable! Do you Would recommend this Roland cable? I have Seen some cheaper ones like this

Have a nice evening ! :slight_smile: