Noisy MIDI Connection

My Organelle often produces a lot of white backround noise when I connect it to an OP-1. Tried different cables but that’s not it. Is it broken? Any suggestions?

Is it just noisy in general? Or only when transmitting notes? Try turning off OP-1 charging to see if that makes a difference. Otherwise, if it is only during note transmission, see if it is limited to just OP-1 sending notes to Organelle or vice versa. I stopped using the Organelle MIDI in from a USB-MIDI device because it had noise whenever I sent a note to the Organelle. Using the Organelle as a MIDI controller has no issues.

Yes, I would be wary of charging an OP-1 with the Organelle. The Organelle’s USB-MIDI spec is designed for class compliant MIDI connections, not for charging other devices.

@GCF We haven’t heard of noise from incoming MIDI notes. What USB-MIDI device did you use? What device (synth, computer, etc) where you sending notes from?

@chrisk it is this USB-MIDI adapter from Amazon. The other part of the setup is this goes into the iConnectivity iConnectMIDI4+. If I have both MIDI IN and OUT plugged into the iConnectMIDI4+, and play a note on the Organelle, the other devices connected (Streichfett, Yamaha Reface CP) receive normally. If I play a note on the Reface or a Yamaha SHS-10, then the Organelle sound output has clicking on it.

@GCF Thanks. Those USB-MIDI cables are of questionable quality and we don’t recommend them!

Can you try another set up where you send MIDI notes to the Organelle from another synth via the iConnectMIDI4+ (or another USB/MIDI device)?

Thanks for your advice.
After playing around some more, I’m pretty pleased with how things works now.

  1. I’ve been using the wrong adapter (the PP one) for the Organelle. Using the original adapter it’s much quieter.
  2. I’m using a standard USB cable to connect the OP-1 to the Organelle (no adaptor) and it works fine now. (I’m using the OP-1 setting that disables the USB cable for charging)
  3. Midi channel 01 on the OP-1 allows sending and receiving midi between the OP-1 and the Organelle. Channel 02 is for sending only.

@GCF That MIDI adaptor does not have optical isolation. There are slightly more expensive ones that look very similar to that one that do have opto isolation. Unfortunately it can be difficult to determine other than by trial and error. It’s far better to get a USB to MIDI adapter from a reputable musical keyboard manufacturer such as Roland - Amazon

Thanks for the research! That’s kinda what I figured after some contemplation. It only happens when using it as MIDI-in on the Organelle at the same time as MIDI-out. If I only use MIDI-out, it is fine – which is what I have been doing. I think I am going to spring for one of the iConnectivity 1x1 MIDI modules soon. Not sure if I need the Lightning connector or not yet.