Organelle through Terz amplifier

Hi, I’m trying to figure out the best way to play my Organelle through the Terz amplifier.

Also, I realize the Terz is mono so I’m unsure whether it’s even safe to play the Organelle through it? Just don’t want to risk damaging anything. Any help is mega appreciated.

I don’t know the exact specs of the Terz, but it shouldn’t really matter. The Organelle is perfectly capable of, and safe when, running in mono. From what I see online, you should just be able to run a 1/4" instrument cable from one of the outputs on your Organelle (L is the typical standard for mono, but it shouldn’t matter) to the input on the Terz. Should work just like any other amp!

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Hmm, now I’m worried because I tried that and couldn’t get audio to come through. Checked the R channel as well. Had volume at max on the Organelle and Terz, and the display was showing the output signal like normal on a standard analog patch.

I’m going to try a different cable when I get a chance. A standard guitar cable should be sufficient right?

Yeah a standard cable should work! Just make sure it’s on TRS. Do you have a guitar or another 1/4" output source you could check the cable with? When you try a different cable, just make sure you turn down the volumes so you don’t accidentally blast your ears :wink:

Lol I gingerly increased the volume in-tandem with my frustration haha. I’ll have to go the simple route and check one thing at a time and return with results. I appreciate the replies and advice!

It must’ve been the cable. I was able to run my guitar and then the Organelle through it with a different one.

One thing I noticed is that if I push the Terz to full volume, or even 75%, it causes the speaker to rattle a significant amount. Esp with just a guitar plugged in. Enough to completely distract from whatever it’s outputting. Kinda frustrating. No amp should struggle to output what it’s supposed to, or experience mechanical issues from just a clean guitar signal. Also, the output is never really clean. I have no choice but to add either the Silicon and/or Germanium distortion to my signal. I can’t leave those knobs turned down and only use volume or else I’ll have zero signal coming through. I’ve pretty much decided to return the Terz because of these factors. Looks really cool and I had high hopes, but was ultimately disappointed with it. :sob: