Having 2 Oracs in Organelle?

Hey, I was hoping this can be done and I think I know which files to edit but hoping someone can advise, point out something I may be missing.

I have orac 2.0 and have about 30 presets I use regularly but the scrolling and file managing is starting to get a bit hectic. Was hoping I could have another orac to use for side project that won’t use the same folders and presets as the original Orac 2.0.

From what I understand I need to edit
1a. orac.json file (data, media and user module directories)
2a. Rename their corresponding folders in the new orac patch to match the json file.
3a. rename the folders in the web browser editor to match the json file.

manifest.txt file I feel like I’m meant to edit something but there’s way too much happening in there for m to understand.

I can’t see anything that would need editing in main.pd or mother.pd to change, would that assumption be correct?

Scared to just try in case I butcher it up and have to delete everything. Made that mistake last year, don’t feel like repeating that again.

Hoping this will work. Otherwise I can buy a usb and install ORAC on there, but would prefer if everything was just in sd card for convenience.