I have trouble to save a preset in Orac2

Hi everyone, I’m using the Organelle M with an usb key and I have recently a trouble with the “save new” preset fonction in Orac.2:
It doesn’t create a new preset, but it always saves the same one, the “new-11”

I presume I have just to re-install orac, but I’d like to know if there is a way to recall my current presets within a new version of orac.
Otherwise, is it possible to keep my current version of orac while a new one is installed?

Thanks a lot!

Orac doesn’t have a “save new” selection. You want to use “New Preset” or “Save Preset” in the preset menu (you get there by clicking on “new-11” or whatever the current preset is in the main menu). There is a “save new” in the Organelle system menu, but this is just for copying an entire patch, and shouldn’t be used with Orac.

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Sorry I was talking about the “new preset” fonction.
Whatever the preset, I’m working on, when I click on “new preset”, it doesn’t create a new folder, it just rewrites the “new-11” endlessly

I’m also getting the same issue where I can only seem to create a new preset (new-20).
Did you manage to find out why this hapened to you @Lapin?

How many total presets do you have out of curiosity? I have 20, thinking there’s possibly a maximum number of presets Orac can store?

Unfortunately I don’t know what happened.
You can create a new folder manually, but you have to copy/paste the content of another one within, to be able to use it.
It’s a pretty boring method so I have finaly decided to reinstall Orac.

I don’t have the organelle in front of me, but I remember you can have around 100 presets. Personally I had 11.

The preset saving is somewhat confusing but if you go to the video overview of Orac 2.0 by @thetechnobear it is well explained. The link takes you directly to that part of the video: https://youtu.be/mywEOeth40Y?t=1039

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Thanks for the link but I’m talking about the preset subfolder folder in Orac - Presets (at the top you can select Save Preset or New Preset).
When I select new preset usually it would create a preset new 11 or new 12 depending which was the next free preset.
Now it is currently stuck re creating new 20 over and over (doesn’t want to create new 21).

Even if I add new presets (folders) manually under SD card / data / orac / presets they show up on the organelle web editor but not under orac. I’ve refreshed and everything.

Did you try to copy/paste the content of another preset within the folder you’ve created manually? In my case it worked.

I just updated to OS 4.0 and this started happening. very annoying since I just had a re-awakened interest in Orac.

I’m not sure updating to OS 4.0 would affect this one way or another… I remember running into this problem and it might have something to do with how Orac counts and names the presets. If you remove or rename the data and media folders and then install a fresh Orac do you still run into issues?

Happens to me every now and then and I can’t work out if its because I Have too many presets (36) or because patch in orac is causing issues. Re did orac from scratch and it seemed to stop having that issue until I got to my 5th preset, somehow resolved it but then happpened again much later. can be nerve wrecking at times.