Hdmi out boots up then goes dark

Hi all,
I just got an eyesy and initially tested it through the video out on an old tube tv, and it worked great. I then went to use it through my computer monitor, now with hdmi out. The normal bootup occurred, and then the screen goes black. Does anyone know of a solution to this?

Hi @amyas,

Sorry to hear this. It could be related to a bug we (C&G) are just coming to understand. The bug is in how the EYESY saves screen grabs and/or how it reads screen grabs the next time the EYESY is booted up. We are working on fixing this bug which will require a new OS release (disk image). In the meantime, the good news is that your EYESY is not broken and it is a relatively simple fix. There are two methods to overcome the bug:

  1. Reflash the micro SD card with a fresh version of the current OS. There are instructions to this in Chapter 6.1 of the manual.
  2. Delete the screen grabs from the Grabs folder.

Method #1 resets your EYESY to the ‘factory’ state.

Method #2 just modifies the contents of one folder on the SD card and is probably quicker. It requires turning on the EYESY’s Access Point (self-generated WiFi network). Here are instructions for Method #2:

  1. Power down the EYESY.

  2. Connect the USB-WiFi that shipped with your EYESY to the EYESY’s USB port.

  3. Be sure the EYESY is connected via HDMI or composite video output port to a powered on display device (TV, projector, etc.)

  4. To launch the Access Point (AP), press and hold the Shift key, then set the EYESY’s power switch to ‘On’. Continue to hold the Shift key until your display says ‘EYESY’.

  5. At this point, you should see the EYESY loading the modes and then displaying a black screen as before. Don’t worry, the EYESY is still running and the AP has been launched.

  6. Look for the EYESY network in your computer’s WiFi settings and join it. Please allow time for your computer to find and list the new network. The password is: coolmusic

  7. From your computer’s web browser, go to the EYESY Editor by navigating to either eyesy.local or

  8. You should now be looking at a page like this:

  9. Click into the Grabs folder on the left column. Click the check box next to each screen grab and click the Delete button located above the file browser.

  10. After all screen grabs have been deleted, click the Stop Video and then Start Video button. You should see the EYESY boot up process to completion on your display.

Please let us know if you have any questions.

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This bug was fixed in OS version 2.3. Instructions for this update are in Chapter 6.1 of the manual. We recommend skipping step #2.

I’m viewing on a iphone - the link to the manual provided here simply reads ‘cont’

Thanks for your help @chrisk