Help! EYESY Bootup problems - HDMI - Black Screen - constant blue led

Hey guys!
Sorry for bringing up this topic again, but i have the same bootup issue as mentioned before! I have a brand new eyesy and it does the following:

  • power on > the led stays blue > a super short colorfull picture appears on the screen > black screen follows > “no hdmi connection”.
    This happens on a screen and a beamer.

I did check all mentioned possible things:

  • sd slot
  • flashed the sd card
  • checked all cables

I don´t know what to do :confused:
Thanks in advance.

Do you ever see the word ‘EYESY’ displayed after the colorful, rainbow gradient screen?
Have you tried booting with the composite video output?

hey, thank your for your quick response.
No - the Logo doesn’t show up and i didn’t try the composite output.(unfortunately i don’t have any devise with composite input).

Hey chrisk, is there anything i could do to solve this? Greetings <3

Just sent you a PM