Organelle To Ableton

How to do I use Organelle in Ableton ?

I have two midi interfaces one in my Mac and one for the Organelle.
Joined the Mac midi out to the midi in of the Organelle.
Im just wondering how to find the Organelle in Ableton
How to launch it ?
Please help :slight_smile:

Well, as you are connecting the Organelle to your Mac via an USB to midi adapter only the adapter will appear on your MIDI devices list. Whatever you send that adapter the Organelle will receive.

I wish I looked in to this before I bought one. Thought it would be easy to use with Ableton like everything else.
No one seems to know. Regretting buying this instrument.

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Have you read what @callmesam wrote ?
If you’re problem is to connect with MIDI, It will be easier if you’re running the Os V3. You’ll find everything on the forum about configuration.
And have you heard about the abbleton link ?

I don’t use the Organelle with Ableton but you can actually do it. And even without, i think organelle definitely worth it.

I just cant seem to get it working. All the Tutorials I have seen skip through the part of actually going through the steps. The midi adaptors light up and everything seems to be working but I cant find Organelle or have any way of pulling in up in Ableton.

You need to understand that the Organelle is a USB host so you’d typically need to go:

Laptop (with Ableton Live) → MIDI Output Device → (MIDI CABLE) → Midi Input Device → Organelle

But there is a gizmo that lets them speak to each other directly:

With this you can go:

Laptop (with Ableton Live) → USB MIDI-USB → Organelle

I’ve not used it myself but by all accounts it works a treat.


The Organelle doesn’t have a MIDI in (or out) port…

Ok thanks. Im a beginner using hardware. So i definitely thought it was something simple I was missing. I only work through Ableton so i thought i could use the Organelle in Ableton and record it and maybe use as a midi controller.

OK, so for the ableton link, you need to be connected with your Organelle to the same network than your laptop. You have to use V3, be connected to internet with an adaptor USB/WIFI (or maybe activate the acces point but i’m not sure about it) and use some patches which integrate link (i believe all the C&G ones have been adapted).
hang on, the configuration may seem difficult but it’s worth it :slight_smile:

Dear TwiggyT, please give us detailed description of how you are trying to connect the Organelle to your computer. What devices are you using, what have you pluged in to what etc.

As I tried to tell you: The Organelle will not show up in the list but that doesn’t matter. If you go through an midi adapter (midi hub, midi interface) you will have to select the MIDI adapter in Ableton (-> preferences -> midi). After you done that you should be able to send and receive midi to/from the Organelle. Just send MIDI to the adapter (if you want the Organelle to receive MIDI) and set up the adapter as input if you want use the Organelle as midi input.

Yep. Newest versions of C&G factory patches all are link enabled.

No cables needed, just get both your computer and the organelle on the same wifi. As stated above you need Organelle OS3+ (and a USB wifi stick) to use wifi. You can grab one of those for about $10. Search this forum for some recommendations, there’s a thread.

Here’s Ableton’s docs on using link:

Your frustration isn’t that outlandish. It’s a more complex problem than it appears!

As @ghostly606 says, the Organelle is a USB host (since it’s basically a lil’ computer) and so is your Mac, and typically host <-> host connections won’t talk because they’re both trying to play the host. You can search around this forum as people have discussed workarounds for this. People have tried the Seville Soft device linked upthread to fix this problem and they’ve reported success. People have also reported success with iConnectivity Mio 1x1. Others have used iConnectMidi2+ and iConnectMidi4+, but I believe they’re using a USB-MIDI cable so that the Organelle goes into the iConnect’s MIDI DIN in and out, to work around the host-host communication problem. I’ve got an iConnectAudio4+ and it should be the same method, I haven’t actually tried yet though. Will report back on that one if I can get a moment to try.

Ableton Link over wifi sounds like the best option though, especially if you want a portable or desktop setup with a minimum of wires. The only real downside is that Ableton Link support is patch-specific (but in the spirit of the Organelle, you’re encouraged to dive in and add the support to patches yourself as it suits you.)

Ableton link only covers clock sync…
I suspect OP wants midi too.

I think main issue here is lack of familiarity with connecting ableton and hardware.

Can you tell us exactly what you have besides Ableton and the Organelle, eg cables and audio interface.
And what you want to do… eg sequence from Ableton? Record audio? Just synchronize?
also perhaps why… this might sound obvious, but sometimes goals can be reached in various ways.

None of this really is specific to the Organelle, rather how you tie hardware and software together.

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Ah! My mistake. That’s what I initially thought, but all the talk of Link in the thread got me twisted around. Thanks for the clarification.

Ok great thanks for all the responses. I took back the midi adaptor as my friend said i could just use two quarter inch cables out of the back L’ R out into my duet but i still haven’t been able to get it working in the daw.
Do i still need to be connected to wifi? I have a wireless usb but would much rather plug it in and go without.

The midi adaptor and the two quarter inch cables are going to be doing different things. They are not a replacement for each other. The two cables are for straight audio, not midi.

Ah ok i just wanted to record whatever i came up with in Ableton. That is my main goal.

Then you should be fine with audio and not need any midi unless you are trying to control Ableton or have Ableton control the organelle (not audio)

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Ok ill keep looking in my options then thats great news. I just want to explore the Organelle and record in Ableton while doing so. So thats perfect hopefully i can keep this instrument as i do love the sound and feel of it.