Help :(

Anybody else have an issue with their eyesy displaying no signal? Lights blue etc but bo signal :confused: had planned to use it for a gig but now sadly a no go :’(

Does the LED show a steady light blue? or do you see dark blue flashes too?

If it is the steady light blue, it could be that the micro SD card needs to be reseated:

  1. Please power down the EYESY
  2. Locate the thin slit in the rear of the enclosure (above ‘EYESY’ text)
  3. Use a pin or paperclip to press in on the black SD card to eject it and it will spring out gently. No need to fully remove it from the EYESY.
  4. Once ejected, please reinsert it. (If you fully removed the card make sure it does not fall in the enclosure.) You will have to use the same pin/paperclip to press it in until you hear/feel a ‘click’
  5. Restart the EYESY

Let me know how it goes.


Hey! It’s more of a consistent white light, I’ve removed the card etc but no luck so far :confused:

“removed” or reseated the card?

Sorry! Removed like you said and put it back in.

Ok it’s working now! Thank you so much!!

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the question remains what did you do to make it ok again. I’m facing the same problem overhere. I tried removing and putting back the SD card with no luck so far.

Make sure the card is reseated correctly…
You should feel a type of springy push back when you are setting it in and keep pushing and you should feel it lock in place.