Kaleidoloop Feature Requests / Questions

Hey, I hope it’s ok to make a thread like this.
Since I don’t know a lot about programming and especially puredata. I thought I would just kindly ask someone else to do it :wink:

I just received my Kaleidoloop yesterday and so far it hase been fun, though there are some things I don’t quite understand:

  • The first two modes are nearly identical, why is that? I think one could have been left out and replaced with something else?
  • The “blue” mode - Forward and backward playback at the same time. If the first knob adjusts the mix between backward and forward, then why does the second knob still switch from backward to forward playback around the middle position like the first two modes? This is not neccessary, is it? Kind of confusing.
  • The point in the first (and/or 2nd?) mode where the playback jumps from backward to forward is indicated by all the LEDs blinking. However, this place somehow is not in the centre of the pot? It is more like at 1:00?

Now for the feature requests:

  • Make a mode like the first one with forward & backward playback + pitch shifting on knob 2, but instead of a Vibrato, add a Tremolo / Gate / Stutter effect, Tempo adjustable via knob 1 and possibility to go into Audio rate with this for AM effects.
  • I would like to be able to layer a new recording from the Microphone over an existing loop that is just playing back as it was recorded, instead of having to record that existing loop through the Mic again, too. Also if you re-record something from the speaker with the mic, you always have the button presses on that recording…
  • On the filter effect - increase the resonance!
  • Add a bitcrusher mode!
  • Monitoring incoming Audio would be great. Make it possible to turn that on / off, so you can avoid feedback when using mic + speaker.
  • I want to be able to stop playback. Just stop it, not having to turn down the volume :wink:

Thanks for reading and maybe someone can help. Also feel free to add your feature requests :wink:

Hi @freebyrdd, thank you for getting a Kaleidoloop! Here are answers to your questions:

Yes, the two modes are similar (the knobs control playback speed/direction and vibrato rate), but the Pink mode’s speed/direction knob is stepped in 0.5x intervals so you can dial up those handy playback speeds more easily.

These two modes were on the original Kaleidoloop and so we included them in the new version.

The mix between fwd/bkwd playback is independent of the playback speed. The range of the playback speed/direction knob on this mode is the same as the other modes with playback speed/direction control so as not to introduce a different range for that parameter for the user to remember. The range of this knob can be reprogrammed if you choose.

The LED flashing R-G-B doesn’t signify a switch from fwd/bkwd playback. From the manual:

Some modes use a knob to control the playback speed of the recordings. When this knob crosses the threshold of 100% forward playback, the two LEDs quickly flash red-green-blue.

It works best when you turn the knob slowly.