Set in/out in puredata

Hello fellow kaleidoloopers :wave:
Would yall think it’s possible to make a preset that can make KNOB 1 set the IN point of a loop and KNOB 2 to set the OUT point?

I’m thinking this could be a good first project to learn puredata but wanted to ask if it even is possible before going into it? :thinking:

Here’s a patch I’ve been working on that does what you’re talking about. It’s still a work in progress (there are a lot of pops and transitioning between loops isn’t as seamless as I’d like) but hopefully it can at least serve as a jumping off point for further tweaking. :slight_smile: (1.6 KB)

Dang, thank you so much!! This’ll help out a lot!
Will report back if successful!

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Just nabbed my own Kaleidoloop, and was thinking about this exact function! Was wondering if either of yall have any updates to this patch, and also how to add it in as a custom mode. I tried replacing one of the stock modes with it and it doesn’t seem to work for me.

Thanks! :slight_smile: