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So, what are the limitations when creating / editing modes and the main mother.pd?

I have currently edited all the modes (added a LPF to the reverb, for example), so things are working, but I’m looking for more details. Can I edit mother.pd to allow for more than 6 modes? Is that a hardware limitation? Is there a way to live test the pd while the device is in disk mode, or do I have to create in pd, upload, then re-power and test…etc etc!

Yes, there is a “development mode” with the Kaleidoloop, and I don’t know if it made it into the manual, so thanks for asking!

Hold down the ‘mode’ button (the top one) while powering it up. Now when you enter disk mode (press ‘mode’ while holding ‘next’), the regular Pd patch will launch, instead of the disk mode / test patch. Now you can edit mother.pd or any of the other files from your computer. You can try the changes without ejecting by pressing ‘mode’ while holding the ‘previous’ button (bottom left button) which will cause Pd to restart. So it isn’t true live editing, but much quicker than ejecting every time.

Important to note recording new tracks will not work while in disk mode, this is because only the Kaleidoloop or your computer can have write access to the disk at the same time.

The 6 modes are not a hardware limitation, well I guess we chose 6 originally because of the LED colors, so hardware related, but you can hack mother.pd to have more. Or just make a new mother.pd patch all together to do whatever you like.


Thanks for the info, will try it this week! Could you guys could also post the factory pd folder somewhere under the Support section? I forgot to make a backup of the default modes.

  • Marcos

We’ll work on a better resources section in the manual. For now the factory pd folder is in the github repo: