Recording Organelle Using a DAW

I am sure this has been discussed in the forum already, but I am having troubles trying to record from my organelle. Aside from simply hooking it up to a speaker/amp and recording from a mic, I wanted to hook it up to my interface. I have a PreSonus AudioBox USB interface, but when I hooked the output from the organelle to the two jacks on the interface, no output was recognized at all. I have seen that sometimes two interfaces are needed to record MIDI output from the organelle, I just wanted to get some advice before making another purchase.

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Are you sure your interface is reading stereo input? Try mono input just left jack on the organelle to the input you regularly use and if that works it’s probably just a stereo thing

I’ve had no problems plugging it into any of my interfaces; PreSonus Audiobox, Scarlett 2i2, and a PreSonus Firebox. It works fine whether I’m using the Organelle’s own voicing or using it as an effect processor.

I simply plug one patch cable into the left-most input on the Organelle and then into the interface. Adjust Organelle volume/interface gain as necessary. I’ve even had a stereo output going by running two patch cables; one in the left output of the Organelle to the left interface input, one in the right output of the Organelle into the right input of the interface.

Hope this clarifies something, it’s worth noting I don’t monitor via interface but via my DAW.