Iconnect mio 2

Hi Sorry to repeat the usb midi conversation once more, but I’m looking at getting a mio2

just wondering if anyone has used one with organelle ?
Id like to be able to use it simply to do midi out and midi in for clock sync, but if i am able to plug a macbook into it with usb, and the organelle into it with usb and have midi clock flow from the macbook to the organelle via usb- i would be glowing radioactively, this may be a tall order, it seems to be class compliant though and configurable to do what I’ve described, saveable so that it works that way upon power up…
any thoughts ?


I’ve used an iConnect Midi4+ for some time, so I’d imagine the Mio 2 would do just fine!


haha… doh, bought one and for the life of me i can’t get it to receive clock sync!! tried everything
how do you use the midi4 ? are you able to send it clock ? it seems to respond for a few seconds, the bpm for example on arp synth says 3840 bpm mid, then it just goes back to a normal bpm and doesn’t do anything…
wow, what a mess i feel like ive run out of things to try, I’ve been clicking around and plugging in different combos of things all day…

You’ll likely need to dive into the Mio2 configuration software.
The device can do quite sophisticated routing between all sorts of connected devices; I’ve had similar problems myself with the Midi4+.

Try connecting just the master clock source and organelle… and then jumping into the configuration software to try to get the routing right. I recommend turning off ALL default routing, and then turning things back on one by one.

This video shows a guying doing the same kind of thing with the Midi4+ (for a far more sophisticated setup). Give it a look to see what I mean.

cool, thanks
I’m trying to have my mac connected to one usb port and the organelle to another and send the midi straight through from one to the other, is that how you use yours ? i had some success connecting a midi cable from the output of one port to the input of the port right next to it but its intermittent and seems to be a hundred times faster than it should be and only work for a few seconds once after a restart haha. the control software is pretty confusing, but I’ll try turning it all off and back on one by one

thanks +300 for your help!

I’ll be honest – I’m still confused by mine and will likely play with it again tonight

But yea… figure out how to turn off all the routing – ALL of it – and then turn things back on one by one until you get what you want.

The fact that the Organelle “freaks out” a bit suggests a midi feedback loop or something… which is actually good since it means the device is getting some kind of clock info (likely too much).

yep, good point!