Midi Clock from Cubase via mio interface

Hi All,

Sorry if this is stupid question but I’ve had a scour of the forms and I couldn’t find an obvious answer. I’m trying to send a midi clock signal from Cubase to the organelle via an iConnectivity mio midi interface.

For the Mio I’ve got the most up to date drivers and I can see it’s active in Cubase. I think the sync settings are all correct, sync is activated and being sent to the Mio but there’s no way to tell if the issue is there or with my organelle settings. (Or please tell me if there’s a way to trouble shoot this) However I can’t add it as a Midi device in the place where you’d normally set up channel outputs for a Midi instrument. Do you need to do that for a Midi Clock signal or is it always on the same channel? Do I need to select a certain input channel on the Organelle to receive this?

Any help and suggestions much appreciated!

Clock is not on a midi channel - so in organelle you just need the correct midi device to be selected.

I’d probably first check Cubase is actually sending clock - there are various free ‘midi monitor’ applications for Windows , Mac and Linux.

I could never get my Mio midi to usb to work with the Organelle. I had to buy a different brand.