Infinite Jets Emulation UPDATE


That’s the panda! Check some vids/buy one it’s brilliant.
Totally agree with Infinite Jets, best to release when it’s ready than before :slight_smile:



if ever you were thinking of helping out with the save shree’s cat fund today would be the day.



Sweet! Thanks man. Was able to snatch 10 minutes to quickly check it out. Pretty mind blowing. No idea what was going on but was finding some super interesting sounds. Will go back through this thread tomoro and fish out details on what’s what and have another go. I owe you some (more) bucks. Will hit your PayPal this wknd (that email address yeah?).

Just watched the pedal video to refresh my brain on what’s vaguely going on in the Patch and some of the possibilities. Does the Patch have knob automation record like on the pedal? Haven’t seen that in any Organelle patches so far.


It’s pretty harcore! Experimental zones were explored during my test :smiley: Super cool. Any tips on the button functions? I am confuse.


Haha yeah same here! Some amazing sounds. Had to turn my speakers down more than a few times, killer patch for noise stuff :slight_smile: I just need to learn how to steer it a little…


Awesome patch. No idea what’s going on either but just letting it run and saving some cool sounds. Will dig deeper at the weekend


Yep just had another 10 minutes on it while my kids were eating breakfast… Spits out a lot of cool sounds. Great job Shree :slight_smile:

Couple of questions -
Lfo - what is this modulating? In brief experiments I couldn’t hear it having any effect?

Clicks - getting a lot of them from tweaking some of the params. Not a dealbreaker as they’re doing some pretty interesting rhythmic stuff, just wanna check it’s not just me.

Glitch - can’t figure this out yet. Seems to be a kind of slow enveloped frequency spazz out? Any tips to control/shape it?

I’m guessing the left end keys activate sampler 1 and the right end keys activate sampler 2? Sampler 1 seems way louder than sampler 2? I could have totally misunderstood how things work though.

Delay - can’t hear Drive having any effect and delays seem barely audible. Like when I sweep the delay speed I can’t really hear the normal ‘change of pitch’ thing you hear when doing that on a delay. Could easily be just me not having figured it out yet tho.

Envelope follower mode - does the patch have one? I’ve only tried manually sampling/triggering so far and not sure what modes are there.

Save - haven’t tried save as new on this yet. What patch/sample elements will get saved in that process?


Edit - another snatched 5 minute session. Got the delay time reacting as I’d expected. Sounded like a field of glitchy crickets :slight_smile: amazing patch! Still no idea what I’m doing with half of it tho (like I’m not sure on the signal path through the various elements, some parts seem like sends, others seem like inserts, and can’t seem to get 2nd sampler to sample) so if anyone has a grip on it and can do a brief instructions or video that would be sweet!


Is footswitch an option for sampling on this one? Wasn’t having any luck trying it here.

Some amazing sounds coming from guitar in to this patch tho :slight_smile: Guess if footswitch isn’t an option I could just use guitar>looper>organelle to get hands free for sampling.


[r fs] (receive signal from footswitch) object with a line hooked up from the bottom of the object to whatever toggle is responsible for sampling will do the trick :slight_smile: just gotta find that toggle!


Cool, thanks. Will check it out tonight.


OMG, I totally missed this! I’ve been lusting over the Infinite Jets since it was announced, looking forward to try this patch out!


hi folks

the inifinite jets has soft sampling buttons so the emulation has sampling on off on


the footswitch and 83/ opens and closes the second sampler on /off.

82 turns on the BLUR section

the rest of the buttons are pretty explanatory if you set the Sampling rate 64/128/256/512 etc… you will get fun sounds
on the Glitch section if you turn it on you will get interesting sounds the buttons will turn stuff on/off and you can set the LFOs in combination with freeze, and the settings and it’s pretty damn close to the IJ


I’ve tried to explain it feed it some notes and you need to press 60 to start the samples being fed in but remember this is not a record sample save sample playback sample applications it’s a record something in and it is fed through the system click 61 to stop that system playing so you can almost rythmically press 60/61 60 61 etc. like you are playing the sample 62/63 sample two need to be armed [mono/poly] is what it’s emulating --this is done via turning on the feed for sample B with button 83.

Button 82 is the BLUR mode --it can take over because everything gets blurred

in the sample delay modes you have to adjust them because there is a HUGE delay line that feed into itself like a zillion times so go easy at first.


Thanks for the info :slight_smile: Will try again later and hopefully feel a little more like I’m in control of what’s going on. Tho hopefully not too much :wink:

Never used an I.J so can’t compare but seems kinda moot, the patch is killer in its own right :slight_smile: Still might grab an I.J at some point but this is an amazing ballpark alternative :slight_smile: Thanks dude.


Thanks man. You wrote while I was replying to the previous post. Yeah got my head round the basics and the first sampler but footswitch/82 didn’t seem to do anything re the 2nd sampler. Will go back to it ASAP.


83 just turns ON the flow into the system
so it’s Turn on 83
THEN 62/63 for sampler B


82 is BLUrrrrrrrrrr and uses elements of Katja vetter’s Helmholtz time stretcher.

I just want everyone to know i re-wrote this bloody thing 3 times over about three weeks an it is Beta so some things might change again. but i am moving on to the RED PANDER this weekend cough cough


Can’t wait to try this out this weekend. Appreciate your work. I sent some $ to you for IJ and will do the same for Red Panda. So worth it! Thanks again.