Interest in Orac music/tutorial/development livestreams?

Hi everyone! I’m considering doing weekly live streams on how to use Orac and developing modules. It would take me a while to get everything set up but would that be something you guys in the community would like to see?


Any educational material on Orac would be appreciated

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+1 definitely!

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Yes please :astonished:

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I would most definitely watch that

would love to watch that indeed…..

Yes!! would definitely tune in

Definitely interested in this as well, even though - unless there is a recording - a live stream is not my preferred format, mostly due to time zone differences.

I’ll definitely make sure they are recorded. I want to have some resources that will last rather then just give a little bit to the handful of people who will tune in that night


Alright everyone! I’ve figured out how to go about doing the live streams! Now I would like to ask you all what you would like to see? I’ve thought up a couple topics that I could probably work on but if you have any other ideas, feel free to comment! I’ll leave this poll open until June 20th and then get to work!

  • Converting an Organelle module to Orac (comment which one!)
  • Converting a single core module to multi-core (comment which one!)
  • Creating a multi core SH101 module for Orac
  • Creating a shimmer reverb
  • Adding bank functionality to Plaits+ or Juno-104+
  • General Pure Data knowledge as it pertains to the Organelle
  • General music making/jamming/exploration of different workflows

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I guess another thing I should address is time zones. I am located in the US but I know the Organelle has an international community. These will be recorded but I plan on trying to do these around 6 PM MST but if you plan on attending and want to interact, please let me know if there is a better time


for the option “Converting a single core module to multi-core” I vote for the “Additive synth” module


Faust’s DX7 in Orhack would be epic. Multi core in Orhack would be even crazier.

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Super down for this!