Midi interfaces for ipad and organelle


Since some time ago i’m finding problem to get a midi cable /interfacw to connect my ipad air 1 with my organelle or ableton max4live. In my ipad i’m using nord beat sequencer app or Mod Step app to make beats but with most cables / interfaces the organelle is only receiving the first note sent. Organelle patch is receiving on channel 10 with notein10/stripnote/sel 75 74 73 72 71
I found only a cable that is running perfectly:
E-mu midi 1x1
These interfacws/cables are not working:
A cheap one bought on ebay
Miditech midilink mini
Irig duo

Recently i found out that the same set up but with pocket piano (red light preset) instead of organelle, it’s receiving two or more notes at once. And if i use these interfaces to send midi notes from ableton to organelle it works.

Anyone found similar problems? Any explanatiion?

Thank you