"Key-gate" sampler patch?


Is ther a patch with a “key gate” sampling mode like on the Korg Microsampler ?

Basically, it is a very straightforward sampling mode that allows you to instantly sample the input signal to any individual key, for as long each key is being pressed. It is very interesting to deconstruct a song and recompose it as you wish.

Please watch this video, they mention the Key Gate Sampling from the Korg Microsampler at around 9 minutes :

Sampler Style Rec is the closest to this, but you’d need to extend the recording time as it is limited to 1 second.

K-loop is close

I’m sorry to answer so late but I can’t exactly reproduce the principle of on-the-fly samples with these two patches …
On the microsampler, each time you press a key on the keyboard, a short sample is recorded, which allows you to cut an incoming song “on the fly” into several micro samples.