Troubles controlling/sequencing my Mk1 Organelle

I can’t get any of my other synths to sequence my Organelle Mk1. It recognizes them. Like for instance if I connect the USB of my Minilogue to the Organelle under info it says Midi dev: Minilogue. But it just doesn’t do anything. They are on the correct Midi channels. I’ve tried about 3 different synths with USB Midi. I’ve tried different USB cables. :confused:

Could I have outdated software or something on it? Because in the manual it says " Select the MIDI device in MIDI Setup In the MIDI menu select Device . You can now scroll through a list of MIDI devices"

But on my device there is no “Midi Setup” page. The only thing pertaining to Midi is a “Midi Channel” Page under settings and that’s literally all you are able to select or change with midi.

The current OS for the original Organelle is version 4.0. Which does yours have on it? You can find the version on the menu’s Info page. If you need to update, you can find instructions in manual Section 7.1.

This MIDI Monitor utility patch may be helpful, too: Organelle MIDI Monitor Utility - #4 by chrisk