Nord Drum > Organelle Arp?

I’m about to dive back into the Organelle manual to understand how to program specific MIDI functionality, but I thought I’d post here to see if anyone can give me some advice.

I’m using a Nord Drum 2 synth with a home made drum pad. I want to send a MIDI signal out of the Nord Drum into the Organelle to trigger a 3 note arpeggio in the Arpeggio Synth patch. I know I can make an arpeggio in the Guit2ARP patch, but I like the controls of the Arp Synth, and I’d like to make more complex chords with the Nord dry signal without the arpeggio sounding glitchy.

I don’t know anything about programming MIDI. Is there a way I can have one note from the Nord trigger 3 notes on the Organelle?

I don’t know MIDI capabilities of Nord drum, might be able to do it there. Otherwise it is relatively easy to do with the Organelle, but you will have to get your hands dirty with Pd.

That drum pad looks cool btw. Is it like piezo triggers? We started working on a patch that turns the Organelle into a little drum computer, using the stereo input as 2 trigger inputs. It works pretty well with some random drum triggers we had lying around… but 6 is better!


Thanks for the reply @oweno, I assumed I’d have to do some Pd work. Because I don’t know much about MIDI or Pd, it’s probably going to take a minute for me to wrap my head around. Trying to find the time to do that is tricksy…

But yeah, the pad is basically 6 piezos sandwiched between foam, metal, and cork. Most of the materials are scrap. I’m working on a smaller model at the moment. One of the things I wanted to mess with when I got the Organelle was triggering a sample through the aux footswitch. No luck on that yet… I’d love to see a video of y’all messing with the Organelle-as-drum-computer though! 2 pads is better than 0!

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Hey @phonikaa, did you get any further with this? I want to connect my tom trigger to the Organelle to add some extra low end to my natural tom sound. PLUS I wanna have a sculpture with 4-6 built in triggers that I can also connect to the Organelle. My idea is to be able to play beats on my sculpture and having the sounds for it come from the Organelle.

Hi @Chindess,

Short answer is no, I didn’t-- I found a work around because I’m a dunce when it comes to MIDI and PD and I haven’t had time to really get into things like I wanted to. I’m doing the arpeggios either with the Guit2Arp patch, with a lot of EQing and effects pedals to mellow the sound, or with the arpeggiator feature on my Canyon delay pedal.

I love the idea of “a sculpture with 4-6 built in triggers”! I’ve had my eye on the Bop Pad because it has a plug-and-play USB MIDI connection, and it seems really dynamic. It also has 4 separate zones that you can program individually, though I don’t know how you would (or if you’d need to) program it.

Just to throw this out there, you could achieve some of what you’re talking about with a sampler like the one I have in the picture from my previous post. The Roland TM-2 let’s you trigger up to 4 samples via drum pads (or contact mics!) so you could add the low end you were talking about via a layered sample. I know Alesis makes a smaller sampler for drummers too with the pads built in. __ Neither of those things are as expressive as the organelle, but you could run the samples through the Organelle and still capture some of it’s weirdness!

I hope this helps, let us know how your project turns out!

Hey @phonikaa, thanks for your reply! Yeah I hear you about MIDI and PD… I’m glad you found a good way around it :slight_smile: Yesss I’ve seen that Bop Pad, quite rad! If I need to come back to MIDI that’s definitely the pad I would pick. But the Roland TM-2 is quite sweet actually for my idea, I’m gona consider that, thanks so much!