Microphone input to TX-6

I’m not sure if this is a question about the Microphone, or a question about the Teenage Engineering TX-6, but hoping for some insight.

When I plug the microphone directly into the TX-6, it only registers input when I tap the mic, or make a loud noise–it’s not “always on,” almost as if there is a very high level noise gate that’s preventing the input that I can’t control. However, when I plug the microphone into the 5 moons, and then 5 moons into TX-6, then the microphone is “always on” and I don’t have the same issue. Any ideas as to why, and if there’s a way for me to get continuous audio from the microphone to TX-6 without having the 5 moons in-between? Thank you!

Tx-6 is made for line level input so it sounds like a gain / impedance matching issue. you will need a preamp between the mic and the tx-6.

Makes sense–thank you for the fast reply!

I don’t think the C&G Microphone should require a preamp for line level inputs. According to their description “The active preamp inside the mic saves the need for an external preamp”.

The 5Moons takes line-level input - so mics such as a Shure SM 57 are no good without a preamp, but I have had no problems running the C&G mic into 5Moons or anything else… Not sure what the problem you’re having could be :thinking:

Is it perhaps because the input for the TX-6 is stereo? Maybe the TX-6 is expecting a TRS connection, and the output of the C&G Microphone is only TS. The 5 Moons has a stereo headphone output, so that would probably register correctly?

TX-6 has the option to select mono or balanced mono input in addition to stereo; I tried all input options and still have the issue unless going through 5 moons first.

There’s some helpful discussion here and in the following posts. It sounds like a known issue that might get fixed in a TX-6 firmware update or you can use a ground loop isolator to solve the problem.

Firmware upgrade didn’t help, but ground loop isolator did solve the problem–thanks for the tip!