Input not working

Hi All, fairly typical newb post but I’ve read up as much as I can and got no luck fixing problem.

I am positive that I have input my guitar successfully when i got the Organelle M. Loads of input signal and output volume.

Currently, every patch that should allow an input in Samplers and Effects is defaulting to onboard mic and showing no input signal apart from when tapping the mic. There appears to be no input signal at all. I have tried turning mic on and off with no change.

Have i somehow effected a global change turning all input to all patches to mic only?

The Input Select switch on the rear panel selects either the 1/4" input jack or the onboard mic (represented by a 2x3 grid of filled circles) for audio input source. If you select the input jack as in the input source, and connect your guitar to the input jack you will be able to hear your guitar in an effects/sampling patch.

Nope, and there is my problem. Whether the switch is towards input or mic, only the mic is active. I have read every thread on the forum that might help and I still can’t find a solution.

Just responded to your email to us.