Organelle and Ableton

Hey everyone, nr 221 here,
Is there any way to send midi from the Organelle to Ableton?
What I would like to achive is to use the great patches like pow wow’s polybeats and Grids to trigger sounds within ableton.
I’m using a usb-midi cable that goes from the Organelle to my sound card, but it’s working the opposite way ( I press the wooden keys or knobs and it send midi to ableton)

Thank you!

Sounds cool! I’m a little confused though, do you want to:
Ableton -> Organelle
Organelle -> Ableton

I want to use an organelle patch ( pow wow’s polybeats for instance) to generate midi to trigger the sounds i select in ableton (from a drum rack for example)

Yo. There is a midi version of pow pow available here

I cannot guarantee that other patches will just instinctively do this since somebody had to edit pow pow for midi. I don’t believe grids will

Also I just updated the official one so it is MIDI as well:

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Thanks a lot! It works perfect now.
I think this would work well with the grids and the chord patches too. :stew:

Sweet. Would be great if any patches that have been updated are marked on the C&G Organelle site. Just so we know if there’s a new version out.

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Can Ableton send sequences to the Organelle? What about Program Changes?

Both program changes and midi note sequences can be sent to the Organelle from Ableton, the Organelle manual has details on how to execute program changes I believe. If you want to send MIDI from a computer to the organelle, you need two midi interfaces and a female to female midi adapter.

One thing to think about with program changes is that they won’t be instantaneous as most patches have a bit of startup time before running at full capacity.

No way of doing it with a single USB?

Afraid not. I think maybe both the organelle and your computer have to detect a midi specific device to send the midi data. I dunno, i’m guessing there. I just know you can’t do it with a single usb-usb cable. Might be something to do with organelle being a computer too.

a single usb no.
simplest way would be a maudio USB UNO from Organelle~ [it’s supported] into MIDI in on a relatively good soundcard connected to the computer with ableton on it.

Then you can go bonkers with MIDI

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