Correct cabling from vst sequencer to organelle? and audio to interface?

Hi, hoping to order the right cables with the organelle m and had a few questions sorry if they are dumb…I’m using a scarlett 2i2 interface and reaper.

Is it possible to use a VST sequencer in reaper to drive organelle by USB cable? I’m worried about damaging something connecting two computers by their USB ports. (edited, i don’t have the organelle m yet and thought it had a trs midi, it looks like it just has USB for midi)

Can I run the resulting audio output back into my computer via 1/4 audio cables and the interface without too much latency?

Hi. I can answer the questions regarding midi: Both Organelle and PC are USB Midi hosts. To connect two of those, check this thread.

My personal solution is a USB to Midi-DIN cable, connected to a TRS Midi Adapter. If you buy a TRS Midi adapter, buy the right one, which is Type A.

Regarding Midi connections, I recommend this video by loop pop.

Thank you so much for the links, I’m studying and learning…
( edit… i just realized that the organelle m only has a usb port for midi)

Do I need the sevilla soft midi usb-usb device even if I’m only planning on sending midi data one way, from vst sequencer to organelle m??

It seems like it should be similar to plugging in a midi controller keyboard, from organelle’s perspective? I’m just not sure whether Reaper will recognize organelle as a device so i can route cc to it? I’ll keep reading and see if i can figure this out as well.

No I don’t use the device by Sevilla soft. But it would also work, of course.

Cheaper and more versatile (because of more use cases) are a midi interface for your pc or a usb>midi din adapter with another midi din>trs adapter. Both of these solutions cost less than 20 $/EUR.