Tap tempo jitter

Hi !

I tried a similar approach like here to measure time between 2 footswitch triggers:

after knowing the time I patched a metro obejct to send midi clocks with midiraw.

the problem is I get pretty bad clock jitter +/- 5 bpm which is 160ms.

it there a way to get better midi timing?
real time priority in linux?
is it important where the midi out is located in the patch?
I dont have very heavy processing going on. only byrds and a delay and bitcrusher

any ideas appreciated.

I’ll try a naked organelle patch with only metro triggering the midi msg.

Hi, Here’s a Tap Tempo patch we are going to release soon:
Tap Tempo.zip (316.3 KB)

We’ll have a full manual soon but the basics are:

  • Tap Aux or Foot Switch to enter tempo.
  • Press Aux to view Aux Menu:
    – Aux + Low C#: Starts/Stops MIDI Clock Out
    – Aux + Low D#: Sends ‘Start’ Message
    – Aux + Low F#: Sends ‘Stop’ Message
  • Low C: tempo nudge -
  • Low D: tempo nudge +
  • Knob1: Sets Tempo if you just want to dial in specific tempo (no tapping needed)
  • Knob2: Fine Tune tempo ±1BPM in 0.1BPM steps
  • Knob3: Audio Input Volume Thru
  • Knob4: Metronome Volume