USB Host - Host Connection? - Solved

Hey, so I’m new to the Organelle, but love it. I’m trying to use it as an external instrument through Logic Pro, but can’t quite get it right.

I’m currently running a regular USB male-male from my computer to the organelle, but am not getting any results.

The only thing that has happened is the installation of “easysuite” on my computer which is being recognized as malware.

Do I need some sort of midi interface? Anyone else have any experience with the whole easy suite thing?

From @thetechnobear:

Not sure what Easy Suite is, but it won’t help you in this case.

I’m not sure what it is either, but seems to be ON my organelle since it loads onto my computer once the organelle is plugged in to my macs USB from the extra organelle USB port.

But thanks so much that helps a lot.

EasySuite is not on the Organelle.
From :

‧All EasySuite software tools are stored in the Flash memory of the transfer cable that comes with the box.
‧There is no need to do any software installation, which gets rid of the hassle of carrying the installation CD.
Seems the image is coming from the transfer cable.

Thank you I just looked at the box of the cable and realized that you’re right.

I feel dumb. Thank you!

No problem!