Organelle midi connection

OK, it seems like this should be easy. I have an organelle and an iconnectivity midi4+. The midi4 has one USB class B connector on the back. That’s in use by my midi keyboard as it needs power. There’s also a USB Class A port on the back, which is connected to a small 4 port hub that has all sorts of midi crap plugged into it (beatstep pro, qunexus, midi fightertwister…)

There are two more Class B connectors on the front that are supposed to be for a second PC and an IPAD. When I plug the organelle into these it doesn’t recognize it. I meaning I don’t see the organelle in the iconnectivity setup software.

In the Organelle setup screen I do see midi Device…IDI4+:0 which i assume is the midi4 device? If it is, then organelle recognizes the midi4. But what I can’t figure out is how to get the midi4 to recognize the Organelle, which is necessary to route midi to it.

Maybe this is just a simple as if I had a USB Class A to Class A cable, I could plug the organelle into the midihub that all the rest of this crap is plugged into, which surprisingly all works!

I tried to get my Organelle to work well with my iConnectMidi 4+ using a USB to USB connection, but they did not play well… I think this was partly due to both being midi hosts and not devices that connect to hosts. I ended up getting a USB to midi adapter for the Organelle and connected the Organelle to standard midi ports. This works very well. I just picked up the new Organelle M and am very happy that I will be able to connect it directly to the midi ports on the iConnectivity device.

I was hoping that would be a last resort. What connector did you get? A basic cheap one?

I was also wondering if the wireless midi could be used. There are are some drivers on the iconnectivity site but I haven’t looked into them.


I have the basic iConnectivity one. However, I think most class compliant connectors will work.

the organelle is a USB midi host, so you connect the midi 4+ as a midi device…
therefore the midi4 wont ‘see’ the organelle, it will just get midi thru its midi device port.
(same as if you connected the midi 4 to a computer)

(and no, a usb a to usb a cable will not work, you cannot connect 2 usb hosts like this)

Thanks - so it seems the best is to just use a usb to din converter and use it that way?

Thx - i bought a cheap $9 one - hope it works!

Cheapo cable works great! I can trigger Organelle from anything and vice versa!!

I’m really happy with the iconnectivity device so far. I have 1 PC. 1 ipad. 4 controllers. 4 synths all working easily. And I can power it all off and on and stays connected. Their auracle software is a bit buggy and crashes every now and then but you rarely need to use it. I just need to work on the latency to soft synths on the PC.

Now I just need to get my programming environment working and I can start creating some patches.

Glad you have it working, and thanks @thetechnobear for explaining what I could not :slight_smile: