Midi Out other than USB (SOLVED)

  1. Can the Organelle send midi out through trs cables?

  2. If so, is there currently a patch the can send out a tempo out? Similar to the Selah Quartz?

  1. = No
  2. = via USB MIDI some patches do send MIDI clock out; from there on with another interface you can Din sync, is that what you have in mind? (say to a TB-303)
    Did you take a look at the manual? https://critterandguitari.github.io/Organelle_Manual/

Just looking to control the tempo of my Meris Enzo.

Would it not be possible to modify the expression pedal jack for midi out in pure data?

OG can do lots of wonders but I don’t think so.

Edit: I’m also curious on this too, some light on this ? @thetechnobear
@chrisk ? @oweno?

no expression pedal, Id assume it has a constant voltage out, then sends back variable voltage for input. i.e. you could possibly use it as a din sync input with a bit of messing about ?!
(but need to be careful with this, esp voltages)

as you say, cheapest bet is a USB -> MIDI DIN converter. then it looks like on the Enze you need a DIN to TRS adapter


Thanks for the “Lights” and minute spend :wink:

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Sounds like the simplest solution is to just buy the Selah Quartz. Ah well. Thanks for the replies everyone.

Ohh… i just wondered: Could you sync orcanelle trough the „pedal in“ with a click tone or even CV-gate?

yeah thats what I meant by

I could probably setup by squarp pyramid to test this…
it might be also might be interesting to use from eurorack (hence my voltage statement!)
but honestly, Im quite enjoying ableton link for sync’ing my stuff, and where that doesn’t work, I usually end up on midi clock.

i would really dig this, to sync organelle with my eurorack clock. I don’t have any “Midi out” in my rack and organelle as main clock seems somehow a bit unstable… so if i could attenuate a CV-Gate/Clock and patch this into my Organelle “Pedal in” would be such a great great thing! :star_struck:

the software side is ‘easy’ just take any patch with that supports midi clock, and just try plugging [r fs] into it when the midi clock input goes.

I measured the voltage , its 3.2v on the pedal , so do not exceed 3.0v unless you want an expensive paperweight!

anyway, I take no responsibility for anyone trying this, its all your own risk, so Id recommend you research it properly :wink:

but if you want more information, loopop did a video which covers this:

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Ohh its just a usual expression pedal input! Look what i got at the bottom left of the SBG module:

@thetechnobear You helped me a lot! funny that i already had the solution in front of my eyes!

i continued this CV discussion here: CV + Organelle. Is this possible?