MIDI question with Organelle 1

Hi, I’m a midi layman so excuse me if I ask something trivial: I wanted to know if it’s possible to connect Organelle 1 to the P.P. 201 via midi is how to do it. Can anyone help me? I have already connected P.P. 201 at Lemondrop by 1010music and it seemed very easy to me with the mini jack TRS cable but with the USB port I don’t know if it’s possible and how to do it. In the meantime, thanks for your attention. ps. I hope I was clear with my English from Google translate.

Hi, thank you for getting an Organelle and a 201 Pocket Piano!

To use one of the Organelle’s USB ports for MIDI, you will need a USB-MIDI adapter like the Roland UM-1.

To connect that USB-MIDI adapter to the 201, you will need TRS-MIDI adapters like this: https://www.critterandguitari.com/shop/trs-midi-cable
Be sure that your TRS-MIDI adapters have the ‘Type A’ specification. (Type B adapters will not work with the 201)