MIDI - Retrofitting patches

I love patching pure data but midi annoys me but i love it when it works
so i am in a hoping to start a thread where hopefully others who have dealt with MIDI
can share with me a way to build in and retrofit some patch for MIDI sync
What are the best MIDI patches that you use?

Interested in this also!

Has there been any updates on this? There are a bunch of patches that would be way more useful if they synced up to MIDI. If I knew how to do it I would spend some time and retro fit as many as I could…

The mastermetro patch that C&G has on like every single on of their patches is such a great clock. MIDI sync + free running when there is no 24 PPQ from MIDI. It also has pre made sends for different intervals!

I ended up making a binary timecode attachment for it so I can use it for networked sync as well.

It does not help if there is no traditional metronome in the patch. A bunch of the generative drum patches used Samples based playback accuracy and do not use a metronome so I am hopeful there might be an easier way to deploy it or adapt it

I think for many of your early patches, people would be really psyched to see get a revamp with new menu/midi/more intuitive control, if it’s possible. I’m one of them! Why I joined your patreon :slight_smile:

yes, the plan is over the next year to update all of them.
As i shared some of them just are not made for midi, but many of the midi/menus and controls are planned.
This past week i have been working on creating a way forward withFluid~, LADSPA, Csound & rtcmix~ working on the organelle
This give us a huge set of options moving forward and enables some really nice instruments but working alone for the most part i had to spend some development time to get there
If you have one in mind please let me know and i can tell you pretty quickly if MIDI is going to change it completely or is really not gonna work on some of them for sure


AH!!! i was looking for this one

So FLuid~ is working
LADSPA is working

i think this coming weekend after some research i am going to focus on getting Csound and SuperCollider working from within OGNL~