Autechre drum patch/MIDI clock


i am [when not slaving away in swifty labs working on Vintage synth emulations] I am working on an Autechre stye drum patch. And before i have to be institutionalized or incarcerated regarding MIDI control for it. Can someone point me to the best implementation for midi clock/tempo?

I have tried with the grids example with main_metronome in it but it seems to be hit or miss. Does anyone have a clear help file for including it? I would like to have it included in this next one.



I have been converting 24ppq to 0-255 to use as timecode. Everything syncs really well + it is super easy to send over TCP/IP.

I am mostly using master-metronome from C&G now. It’s been super tight. What else is the issue? I think the only change I made is to include a [s ZERO] to restart my timecode to 0.

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Autechre drums


can you share with me a working example i can save and use again? like i said i always feel like it’s hit or miss with midi for me because it’s not my main interest

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This is what I use. I store sequence data inside arrays that are accessed by the timecode.

Sometimes the MIDI clock will be offset by a quarter note when MIDI clock is constantly streamed to this patch. I had a fix in a previous implementation, but haven’t ported it to this setup yet. The LED indicator makes it easy to see this error, though. All you have to do is start / stop the sequencer to reset to zero. (4.1 KB)