Problem syncing Organelle with Ableton Live

I’m trying to sync the organelle with Ableton Live so that it receives the tempo and the notes from the computer, but I can’t seem to make it work.

I have an external soundcard with Midi in and Out that I usually use, and I connected the Midi Out output from the card to the organelle with one of these cables:
I see the soundcard is sending midi signals because the Midi out light is on, but the organelle doesn’t sync the tempo or receive notes. Even stranger, randomly it will appear to sync the tempo (it says MIDI something next to the bpm) but it will be different from the tempo set in Ableton.

Could this be a cable issue? what am I missing?

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Does the Terrasoniq cable show up on the ‘MIDI’ line in the Organelle’s ‘Info’ menu?

(You will need to reload a patch if you plugged the cable in after starting that patch.)

It says MIDI: Playtec

Thanks. That indicates that the Organelle recognizes your USB-MIDI cable.

What channel are you sending MIDI notes on in Ableton?

By default it’s set to channel 1, but I’ve tried sending it on all channels but it didn’t make a difference.