Midi thru box with channel muting pads

I recently came across a situation that gave me this idea, and thought it must exist, but after some searching around the internet, it seems it does not!
As it seems like something that could be valuable for many use cases, I thought I might ask the community if this would be particularly difficult to build one. Any ideas around this quite welcome!

Lockdown challenge accepted - try this…!

MIDI IN needs to be set to “Omni” for the (hopefully obvious) reason that we’re filtering all midi channels so we should be receiving them all in the first place.

KEYS 1-16 mute/unmute midi channels 1-16 respectively (keys 17-24 do nowt);
AUX mutes/unmutes all midi channels at the same time;
KNOBS do nowt.

It’s really only stopping [notein] getting to [noteout] according to midi channel but there didn’t seem much point repeating the approach for [ctlin] [bendin] etc since without notes the rest is kinda redundant.

I imagine it could be done more elegantly but I’m a tinkerer not a coder :wink:
Seems to work okay…

MIDImute.zip (3.5 KB)


Hah! This sounds awesome! Excited to try it out and thanks! Really nice/generous of you to take the time to built it:)

Y’welcome! Just thought you were right really - could be handy to have in the toolbox… :slight_smile:

Definitely a useful tool - worth uploading to patchstorage.com/organelle :slight_smile:

Thought I’d better test it properly before doing that - I did - it’s broken! Seems I’m wasn’t sending ‘muted’ midi to nowhere, I’ was sending it to “omni” (everywhere!!) so it was chucking ‘muted’ notes out on channel 1 & I didn’t have my channel 1 synth switched on when I made it! Doh!

While I was fixing it I decided to bite the bullet and include notes, pitchbend & modwheel, so here’s a much improved MIDIfilter. Hopefully it’s three times as good!

MIDI IN needs to be set to “Omni”.
MIDI OUT needs to be disabled.

KEYS 1-16 mute/unmute midi channels 1-16 respectively;
KEYS 19, 21 & 23 (top row, three keys furthest right) select notes, pitchbend & modwheel respectively and route them to the midi filter above;
AUX mutes/unmutes all midi channels at the same time whilst preserving the selected midi parameters;

Keys 17, 18, 20, 22 & 24 do nowt;
Knobs do nowt.

On loading all midi messages are let thru. Selecting ‘note’, ‘bend’ and/or ‘modwh’ includes them in the midi filter. CAPITALS = affected by filter; lowercase = midi passed thru.

Chuck the other one away…

MIDIfilter.zip (11.8 KB)