Modules for the Orac


It should be pretty easy at least to add a delay offset to a sequencer or to the main metronome itself. Which sequencers are you having sync issues with?


the polybeats and polystep (:heart:) which is still, by the way, blowing my mind as far as how well thought out and beautifully made it is - in fact every time I use it I realize something new about it that’s incredibly useful. The timing offset is very subtle, but polybeats seems to hit very slightly before polystep.


I’ve opened up the polystep module in pd - forgive me quite the pd n00b (this literally my first time going into a patch/module to do a mod) so any help on what object to use and where to put it would be golden… Also thinking, if a delay offset is the solution, I actually need to be modifying the sequencer that’s “early” i.e. polybeats, not polystep (it’s nice to have had a look at it in pd anyway - another view/angle of a job well done :slight_smile:)


I took a look at polystep and I think the issue is there, thanks for catching that!
Haven’t had a chance to try it on the organelle, but you could try overwriting this file in the module folder and see if it fixes the timing.
beatdiv.pd (1.4 KB)


awesome - this worked like a charm, wasn’t expecting a fix so quickly - thank you!
Any chance you might take a look at sample-twig? I’m getting some odd behavior in “trigger” mode (sometimes a sample will play through and then play the beginning portion again before cutting off, other times it seems to cut off early).


I’ve been enjoying the endless possibilities of the Orac and it occurred to me that, with all the options for sequencing that it offers it would be a good moment to ask about the “quantized”/ step sequencer that @WyrdAl implemented on the sequencing/ arpeggiating part of the apollostation patch. It’s my favorite sequencer on the organelle yet and I think one the most polished ones that could play really well with other sound generating modules on the Orac?
I’m dipping my toes on Pd but the Orac modules are on another level, Is there any way we could get this going/ doesn’t seem that complex of a thing so maybe I could give it a try with some help?


have you tried @WyrdAl ‘s ottorhythm module? It doesnt have the same quantized seq2 style sequencer but drums and bass/chord automation is there. (I would also love a quantized live input sequencer for orac)


I haven’t had much time to try placing it in different positions in the chain but i actually couldn’t get it to make any sound :thinking:


You’re welcome!
I’ve repackaged polystep with the fix, as well as notegen which used the same submodule.

I also think I fixed the issue with sampletwig (the envelope was being triggered before the length was recalculated from the note pitch). I repackaged that as well:

I don’t know if installing the zop over the old ones will work so you might need to delete the old versions of the modules (you could rename the zop to zip then unzip and copy over manually as well).


The synchronized sequencer is actually a pretty simple modification of the default one, it just automatically stops the recording after delaying for the number of beats.

I tried modifying the seq2 module and it seemed to work, you can try that here:
(link removed until I fix the freeze up issue)

hmm, ottorythm seems to be working on my end. Keep in mind that the module only makes sound for the drums, the bass/chord parts are output as midi notes, so you need to have a synthesizer module after it to actually play the notes. You also need to have notes going into it to trigger the auto-generated parts. Let me know if you still have issues if you try it out.


the modified seq2 crashes my organelle anytime i try to record a midi sequence, not sure at this point what the problem is


Sorry about that, I’ll take a look later. I think the issue is the tempo needs to be initialized/changed in the clock module before you record, or the delay will be set to 0, so it will create a really short sequence and freeze up.


Ok I think I fixed that issue, seems to be stable on my end:
I also found an issue with the json in ottorhythm that was removing it from presets so I updated that:


WOOOO thank you so much, you are the best. I’ll give it a spin when I come home and let you know how it runs


It works perfectly! Two more questions tho, is there a way to sync the modified seq2’s bpm to the master clock? Also finally got some sound out of the rhythmchord but i still dont get any drum sounds, any examples of how you are setting it up?
Rn i have the u rhythmchord going into s basicpoly


The bpm should get picked up from the master clock when the recording is made, it wont change playback speed if the tempo changes though, is that what you mean?
Hmm, are you using “U-rhythmicon” instead of “S-ottorythmichord”? Very similar names!


:grimacing: yhea i was mixing them up
Every module is up and running and im especially enjoying that that modified sequencer
Great job on all of them, thank you!


I have one (hopefully last :sweat_smile:) request that I think will be of value to many.
Currently the sequencer play velocity at value 0 makes sound (value 1 is silent), which makes it difficult to use a fader or knob on a midi controller to silence a part via this parameter.

Using router module gain could be a workaround, but say you have (in 3x3+1) a synth you’re playing in m0 (with note thru off) and then say polystep and sampler24 in m1 and m2 - in this case using router gain gets a bit messy.


There is the play/stop parameter.

Maybe a knob value of 128 could default to ‘velocity as recorded’ and 0 and the rest could be kept as controls.

BTW using polystep+seq sync in tandem is super fun (source: the last two hours of my life)


going to take me longer than expected to get everything i wanted done so heres the product of my learning pd and adapting/converting patches so far.

nothing is my own.
@thetechnobear credit for MI patches (added adjustable Lfo’s)
@rawticks credit for glassfm
@shreeswifty credit for buffershufflr and spectralwarper
@WyrdAl credit for clockswing (added audible metronome page and start/stop)

i have found compatibility between seqsync and clockswingx a problem, which is a shame as its probably one of the best use cases for the metronome in clockswingx - can anyone see why this might be?

Edit: also shagged the crossfade in spectral warp, will fix this with a shiny new one tomorrow