Modules for the Orac


I may have accidentally ordered a Norns myself and am going to run into the same issue (although I don’t even have a second grid of any size) - sadly I can see the day coming when I buy another…


(Not sure if this is the right place to post this)

When using the U-chorder module, has anyone else noticed the click that happens at the point the chord transitions to the next?

I think it only happens if the amount of notes is set higher than the amount of chords.


Thanks for the feedback! I will upgrade and properly package the module when Orac 1.1 is released. I’ll probably do a few more modules when I get the time and 1.1. Because the Organelle is portable and handy it may become my main synth.


Nice work. I’m having a few issues getting it to work properly. One thing that happens is that only the first note is clocking. If I try to unplug my grid and re-plug it in it will be unresponsive. I have a varibright 128 btw. Any thoughts? Am I just not doing something right? I have installed serial osc. For some odd reason though I’ve never been able to get any of the monome ported apps to work properly with the exception of the poly grid app


Hmm. It is almost certainly down to the serialosc install. But then odd that it works a little bit

What version of the organelle software are you on?

Mine doesn’t seem good at reconnecting when unplugged BTW

Just getting my head around serialosc myself ahead of doing a port of the Ansible Kria - Max & PD ports have gone down different routes & i’d like to find an approach that doesn’t involve writing twice


I’m on OS 3.1. You think maybe uninstalling Serial osc and reinstalling might help? I’m not really familiar with how that process would go M the organelle. Is it simply as easy as going into the web manager and deleting the files? For some reason I’m thinking that will not be the case.


This is a very noob question, but how do I download this from Git?


Not a noob question at all, you should be able to click on the files then select ‘download’, then you should put them in the same directory as the orac folder and install them from the menu on the organelle.


So I did a fresh install of 3.1 on a new memory card today and then installed serial osc from quilme and im having the same issue. Im at a loss for what the problem could be at this point. Hopefully someone here can help. It would be really nice to be able to use some of these patches moving forward.

Update: Just to leave an update here I’ve gotten it all working fine now. Just in case someone in the future is searching for answers. Using the serial osc installer from patch storage on a fresh 3.1 install has my Organelle talking to my monome varibright without issues aside from sometimes having to open the poly monome patch first in order for it to work properly for meadowphysics in Orac. Thank you to the community for all of your hard work and sharing so people like myself without the time to learn pd can enjoy as well