Mutable Instrument patches


I’m a little late on this, but…WOW! These sound amazing! Thank you so much for putting in the work to port these. Absolutely ups the value of owning an Organelle.


hey @thetechnobear massiv thanks :). the brds and brds_mpe keeps on crashing for me when im switching the shape mutch?the organelle just frees, is ther a way to get free from the crashing ?
sorry bad english


depends if you can code c++ or not :wink:
(see a note below about working around in Pure Data)

anyway, im aware of the issues in the external and Im going to review the brds code for Orac 1.1… and so hopefully fix this issue.

however, Ive yet to decide if im going to re-release the individual MI patches outside of Orac (though the externals could just be copied across), as Orac doesn’t really have an overhead, so I don’t see the point of having them as standalone patches, as they lack so many ‘features’ (presets, midi learn, modulation) - so you can kind of view Orac as the mother patch for these patches.

what you could do in the meantime, if you know PD
I’m pretty certain the crashes are happening because certain parameter combinations are not valid for certain shapes (*).
the two likely culprits are timbre and colour, whose values are interpreted differently depending on shape!
so the ‘fix’ is to work out which combinations are shape/timbre/colour are valid, and invalid, and then restrict accordingly.

if someone can determine this, and let me know, then this will actually help me to fix the external as well.

(*) theres a couple of reasons I know this, including the fact I found similar conditions in MI elements.
the reason is in the eurorack module, things are tightly controlled when switching modes, but here I decided to make it a little more open - and it seemed find, and only later I found combinations that appear to be unhandled in the MI code.


Hi there,

my first post as I just received my first Organelle earlier this week and I’m loving it.

I just wanted to say a massive thank you for creating these patches - I’ve very quickly been able to create something I consider really beautiful and inspirational.

Also a massive thank you to the whole community - the enthusiasm, co-operation and creativity here is ACE!

best regards, J


If you only re-release Braids into Orac (and I see your logic in that) will versions of the OSC and MPE versions make it in there too? I speakers as a ROLI and Eigenharp Pico owner…


as a eigenharp and soundplane owner, Im not going to leave these without any support :wink:
how that will be done, Ive still to decide the exact approach im taking.


:grin: good to know!