Mutable Instrument patches


i would just be using them to make little changes so things instantiate. I thought you already had compiled them, sorry i misunderstood. don;t have time presently to spend on that



I’ll upload a copy to dropbox and PM you a link


Hey ya, great work on popping the MI stuff over to Organelle, thanks, loving having a clouds in my backpack!

I really enjoy using Rings as an instrument sending pitch info into it to use as a sort of string/marimba type instrument. Do you think it’s possible to create a version of your rings that can be played as an instrument at all?

thanks. :slight_smile:


i think there’s an elements up there no?


i missed that! thanks!


yeah, elements is pretty good for that, there are various mallets in the strike type

for rings, I was planning on it being something ‘playable’… using it as some kind or resonator, once the external is done, I’ll try a few different things to see what make its sound nice, as you say a marimba type sound would be nice.


great! yes I don’t own a hardware elements so I’ll need to investigate it. Here’s the kind of thing I was using the modular versions to produce. Rings example


Just having a play with lmnts - wicked. Actually far more use to me in the organelle than it would be in my (tiny) modular even if I did have the room. Thank you thetechnobear !

oh I like the parameter page thing on the ‘select’ key (or whatever its proper name is) - much easier than the other paging mechanism.


These patches are great, ton of textures/weirdness to explore. Lmnts is super fun sequenced from op1 :slight_smile: Are the params CC automatable? Might be time to buy a midi din>USB box for my OT…

Quick observation - when ‘save as new’ on Lmnts it didn’t save my settings… Just duplicated the default patch… I see it has its own presets function tho so I’ll check that out next time.


These patches used the two available paging systems - oknobs and multi page , as I wanted to see how they felt when in use, see what works, what doesn’t from a user perspective.

Oknobs has its own preset system, which mean save as new is not required , which is good, since it means the whole patch doesn’t have to be duplicated, which can be problematic if you start have large files e.g. Samples ( or lots of externals)

Automation, neither system allows for automation for anything other than the active page.
( of course a patch can go beyond this and implement other midi support)

Anyway , these patches are all going to be updated to a new parameter system I’ve developed - something I’m excited about - for reasons that will become apparent when I release a demo very soon :wink:


Thanks for the insights on the save/presets stuff. How do I load a preset with the patches system in Lmnts? I only see instructions/options to ‘save’ (which seems to work fine btw)?

The new params/CC automation stuff you’re working on sounds interesting! Seems like there’s a lot of cool development going on behind the scenes atm from a few of the main coders, good times ahead :slight_smile:

Would be killer to be able to p-lock Lmnts params from my Octatrack… Fingers crossed that kind of stuff is one of the benefits from what you’ve been working on :wink: Otherwise i’ll add it to the list of things to attempt to code when I get my head around PD!


Need some help with clds, i’d like to do some adjustments on the Patch but:


Anyone knows how i connect the [Inlets~] to [clds~]?


It’s either not finding, or loading the external.
Did you copy it into your project?
( I’m assuming this is on the organelle)


thanks @thetechnobear for the reply, when i am not wrong this is your patch right?
yep its on the organelle and yes i have the clds~.pd_linux in the same folder as the main.pd


Please excuse my ignorance but what type of file is this?


yes, its my patch and external…

where did you download it from?
as a test, I just re-downloaded it from patchstorage here, and it worked fine, and I could load into the PD without issue.

note: this will not work on anything other than an ARM cpu running linux… (i.e. its not going to work on your desktop linux box)

.pd_linux are pure data externals - compiled ‘user extensions’ to pure data usually written in C/C++
on mac the .pd_darwin is used, and just .dll on window.

however as stated above, .pd_linux will not work on all linux boxes, it depends on the architecture they are built for.
there are standards in PD for architecture independent naming for externals but as far as i can tell few/no ones seems to use I avoided, to avoid the constant questions of what is .l_arm file?, why dont you call it .pd_linux like everyone else? :wink:
(also not sure if deken supports these, though thats not that relevant on the organelle)


yep just run the patch on the organelle. but since i opened it in purr data and made some additions it it lacks the input connections to the inlets to clds~

or are they not necessary to see in a pure data editor?


I assume you mean pure data, we dont have purr data on the Organelle.

yes, I tested opening up my patch in the pure data editor and it opened fine, with all the connections.

(I assume you can load my patch from patchstorage without issue in the pure data editor, as i can’t see why it work for me and not you :wink: )

the fact that you have a dotted border around the object means the external cannot be loaded, which is why you don’t see any inlets/outlets.
(I think it usually also says something in the console about the object cannot be loaded as well)

I assume to edit, you are using the ‘recommended’ route of

  • startx
  • launch patch from Organelle.

if you dont do this, and instead your running it from the command line, then you need to be in the correct directory to start it - id avoid this unless you know what your doing, as there can be ‘various’ issues running patches like this - hence the recommendation :wink:
(similar do not launch/open the patch from the PD file menu for similar reasons)


thanks again @thetechnobear
i was using purr data on my mac till now, transferred my patches to the USB and run them on the organelle - i guess i need to hook up the organelle to my display and mouse :slight_smile: and do the “recommend” route to edit patches :man_farmer:


that’s why i asked if you were running on the organelle :wink:
hope all is ok on organelle