My Orac folder disappears

I made a mistake renaming my orac folder. I wanted to name it “s.orac” but I made a typo and renamed it “.orac”. Since i press enter the folder is gone and I don’t know how to access it to rename it again.
Does anyone know where he may be now?

thanks a lot !


See below but update the commands to suit the location of your orac folder:

Ok I managed to access the server, I don’t know why but the password is “music” (not “cool music”).

Now the issue is that I have put orac folder in a folder named “9 UTILITY”. Consequently I add it to the name “cd /sdcard/Patches/9 UTILITY” but it says there is too many arguments.
Did I do it right ? Is there any solution ?

If no solution is possible. Before having to reinstall the whole OS 4.1, can I just reinstall orac without fear of possible conflicts?

It’s fine, i had to rename the subfolder to remove spaces (“9 UTILITY” => “UTILITY”).

First I thank you @chrisk for your speed and your dedication, but I would also like to take the opportunity to ask you how to remove a recalcitrant file.

I tried the “rmdir” command but the terminal says the folder is not empty, and I don’t have permissions to delete its contents. I do not know the name of the admin and I cannot access (with the “ls” command) the files it contains. So I cannot delete the folder.
Do you have an idea ?