Showing hidden files in Patch Manager?


I accidentally renamed a main folder to start with a period (".Synthesizers") and now the folder has disappeared from the Patch Manager file list, as well as the Organelle M.

Is there a way to get this back? Either within Patch Manager or by ssh-ing into the Organelle?


The Organelle hides items that begin with “.” and unfortunately there isn’t a setting to make it show them, so I think you’ll have to ssh into the Organelle to fix it.

With the Organelle connected, open a terminal ssh

ssh music@organellem.local

(you can replace organellem.local with the IP found in Settings->Info if it is not working) Password is ‘coolmusic’.

Then to rename it:

cd /sdcard/Patches
mv .Synthesizers Synthesizers
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Thanks a ton! I ssh’d in but didn’t see any sdcard directory. Do I have to mount the sdcard somehow?

Are you sure you put the ‘/’ in front of sdcard/Patches? What output do you see from the command

ls /

("/" is the root directory of the file system; “ls” is the “list directory” command, which shows all the direct member names in that directory.)