Need WiFi Help

Hello I need help, I use a organelle m
I try to use the wifi.
have the Orginal wifi adapter.
Have no pc or Mac.
Use a android phone or iPad.
Anybody has a solution or a step by step tutorial
Will will load patches.
I try it, my problem is…
If I connect the smartphone or iPad too the organelle per wifi, it lose the connection too the regular wifi router.

Hi! Please, do review the manual section regarding WiFi Critter & Guitari Manual

The easiest way to get the Organelle connected to an existing network is to first start in AP mode. Then you can join this newly created network with your computer and enter credentials for any other networks from the Organelle’s web interface.

Once you have entered your WiFi credentials in the organelle, you could connect the organelle to your router too.

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Any video tutorials how to connect Organelle M to wifi?..i do have a similar question…and didn’t solve it…yet…( maybe cos my poor English …or luck experience))